LUA EARTH – Handmade bag / upcycled bag / z miłości do różnordności.


LuA was born out of a rough and lively need for creation, and likely from a bit of frustration. It is the result of observation of the surrounding world, nature, people and places.

Our bags are made of recycled materials – we re-use bicycle inner tubes, tires, banners and materials from cellars and attics 🙂 We try to save as much materials as possible and gather things we have in excess – in a local and global sense 🙂

LuA drives us and ignites our ideas. It combines what is old and unwanted, with what’s new, creating unique material collages. It is a treasure, the world has thrown away – LuA is not afraid to create from unusual materials – bicycle tubes, seat belts or curtains from grandma 😉 It eagerly uses what has been forgotten for years waiting for the return to sunshine. It changes forms, is connected to Earth, loves diversity, appreciates reality. Lua is aware that every piece of clothing produced is water, energy, dyes – pollutants of air and water. It’s human health, it’s the life of the Earth and life on Earth.

LuA in Portuguese means the moon. Its symbolism illustrates cyclicality, which is an inseparable element of life. Following this lead – we want to promote the idea of ​​sustainable, re-use of what has already been produced on Earth.
All the things we create are carefully prepared, cut and stitched, and each model is unique. Due to small amounts of materials, we create collections in small editions. We want to give you our products with the intention of love to diversity and respect for the Earth.