This collection is sewn with the thought of treasures that the Earth hides and which are hidden by you and you  We have a reflection, that often what is forgotten, seems too simple and trivial to be important, beautiful and needed. This applies to a large part of the intangible, untouchable.
During the development of ROOTS, we headed towards various treasures we forgot about. For various reasons.
Someone once told us that they are unnecessary, unfashionable or have no sense. Or they are not fit for life.
You know – unfashionable pants – throw away, sensitivity too sensitive – hide, love too great – do not show – so on and so on. We hear different things in our lives, it’s clear. We just recently return to the roots. About – who we were and what we wanted when we had more us in us.
This collection is about how the treasure is you. Your story. Your sensitivity. Your diversity.
This collection has the color of roots, vines, stems, flowers, branches.

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